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The Need for Aggregates





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What are Aggregates?

About This Project

The Need for Aggregates

The Austin Quarry property contains enough aggregate material to serve Madera County for over 100 years.

The State of California’s Geological Survey (CGS) reports that the Fresno Production-Consumption (PC) Region has a shortage of construction aggregates that are used to build all construction projects approved for the area.

According to the CGS, in 2012 the Fresno PC Region had 11 percent of permitted aggregate resources available that will be necessary to meet the 50-year demand.

The Fresno-Madera PC Region will meet its 50-year demand for permitted aggregates only with the addition of the Austin Quarry.  Without the Austin Quarry, the Region will not be able to meet its expected demand. Consumers will then need to import materials from more distant sources, thereby increasing costs and adverse environmental impacts.

All Rock Is Not Created Equal


The Austin Quarry property contains abundant quantities of the highest quality aggregate materials - enough to serve Madera County’s future construction needs for over 100 years.


Construction aggregate is the critical ingredient required to build all roads, highways, water projects, dams, commercial buildings, residential buildings, homes, places of worship, schools and hospitals. The hard rock found at Austin Quarry is the highest quality aggregate material available in Fresno or Madera counties.


The Austin Quarry is being developed to ensure that construction materials will be available locally to meet the demands of the area now and into the future.


The cost of tracking aggregates increases 15 cents per ton for every mile hauled.

Reducing that distance by having an abundant local supply for local needs will save money and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If trip length can be reduced by 15 miles, diesel fuel consumption can be reduced by 44 million gallons annually.

All of the materials we produce at the Austin Quarry will be used locally for projects approved by local authorities for construction in Madera and Fresno counties.


The critical ingredients required for construction


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