About This Project


The Austin Quarry is named for Russ Austin, a beloved, long-term Fresno resident and now retired Vulcan employee.

When Vulcan Materials made the commitment to develop the land it owned in Madera as an aggregates quarry, the company decided to pay tribute to one of the company’s leading pioneers in environmental stewardship, Russ Austin.


The quarry was officially named Austin Quarry to honor Russ and his 40 years with the company and his long term commitment to the Fresno/Madera community.


Over those 40 years, Russ built a career at Vulcan and within the industry as a leader and visionary who understood the nature of a quarry as an interim land use.  Russ’s dedication to being a responsible steward of the land has been recognized by the community and the industry.

Russ conceived, planned and developed multiple award-winning preservation and reclamation projects in the region including:

Preservation of approximately 800 acres of historic wetlands and wildlife habitat along the San Joaquin River Parkway.

Dedication of the historic Riverview Ranch property and surrounding four acres to the San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust. With local support, the Trust renovated the 1890s ranch house, landscaped the grounds, and opened the River Center facility to the public in 2002 as the Coke Hallowell Center for River Studies.

Russ also served as a role model and mentor for many of Vulcan’s employees who look forward to continuing his commitment at the Austin Quarry and the local community.


Vulcan Materials has been part of the Fresno/Madera community for over 20 years


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