Achieving a Water Balance

About This Project


This project will achieve a "water balance" throughout its term.

The project was specifically designed to ensure that the Austin Quarry will not adversely impact local or regional water resources.

Low Water Usage

Austin Quarry’s annual water consumption will be approximately 85 acre feet. To keep annual water consumption at this low level, the project will use a closed-loop water recycling system to recycle all water it uses for the quarry operation.  This will result in a total annual consumption of only 85 acre feet of water each year.

In comparison, the quarry’s use of 85 acre feet of water annually on 348 acres land would serve only 20 acres of property for deciduous orchards (e.g., apricots, peaches, almonds, walnuts, etc.) during the same period.

Project Achieves "Water Balance" and "Net Zero" Consumption

The County of Madera determined that the quarry’s low annual consumption of water does not require mitigation.

To ensure a “net zero” consumption, Vulcan volunteered to achieve a water balance.

Vulcan will capture and direct water from rain and run-off into a recharge basin where it will percolate into the alluvial aquifer.

This process ensures that 100% of the water consumed will be replaced with water that would otherwise have been lost completely to evaporation.


Vulcan Materials Company prides itself on its sustainable water practices


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